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Tutorial Of Slow Roasted Beef Brisket Burritos Super Fast

The Recipe For Making Slow Roasted Beef Brisket Burritos.

Slow Roasted Beef Brisket Burritos You can make Slow Roasted Beef Brisket Burritos using 18 ingredients in 15 quick steps. The following is an easy way to make it.

Ingredients Required To Make Slow Roasted Beef Brisket Burritos

  1. Prepare 3 of lb's beef brisket.
  2. Add 3.5 cups of beef broth.
  3. Mix 1 of small yellow onion.
  4. Mix of Chile Powder.
  5. Add 5 tablespoons of Minced garlic.
  6. Mix of Italian seasoning.
  7. Fill of Salt.
  8. Insert of Pepper.
  9. Fill 2 of limes.
  10. Mix 3 cups of dry rice.
  11. Insert 2 of tomatoes.
  12. Prepare of Shredded Mexican cheeses.
  13. Fill 1 of large can of Refried beans.
  14. Prepare of Sour Cream.
  15. Insert of Canola Oil.
  16. Fill 20 of large soft burrito tortillas.
  17. Add of Serrand wrap.
  18. Add bags of Freezer.

Quick Step To Make Slow Roasted Beef Brisket Burritos

  1. Set the (non-dutch) oven to 225F. Then place the slab of brisket in the empty Dutch Oven fat side up, and stab a bunch of little holes in the top..
  2. Chop up the onion and mix it with the beef broth, Italian seasoning, and minced garlic. Then sprinkle in some salt, pepper, chili powder, and lime juice..
  3. Pour the sauce over the brisket, and place the lid over the Dutch Oven. Leave it SLIGHTLY cracked. You want to mostly seal in the juices, but not completely close it or it could burst open while cooking..
  4. Place the Dutch Oven in the oven, and let it cook for 7-9 hours. 1 hour before the brisket is ready, you want to come back and start on the other stuff..
  5. Put 3 cups of rice in the rice cooker, pour 5 cups of water on top of it, add salt and pepper, and then close it and start it cooking..
  6. Chop up the tomatoes and place them in a bowl on the surface you will be using to wrap the burritos..
  7. Heat up a pan on the stove, and pour some canola oil and a teaspoon of Minced garlic. Pour out the can of Refried Beans and begin stirring the mixture on low..
  8. Sprinkle a little chili powder, salt, and lime into the mixture. Keep stirring until the whole thing is hot..
  9. Take out the beef brisket. Place it in a large bowl and stir it up until it is more of a pile of meat than a slab..
  10. Place all of the separate ingredients in their own bowls on the table. Don't forget the shredded cheese!.
  11. Make the burritos you will be eating that night first. These are allowed to include tomatos and sour cream on the inside of the burritos. However do not put those inside ones meant for freezing because they will not thaw well....
  12. Start wrapping each burrito. First add rice, then some meat, then cheese, and then the refried beans to the tortillas. Wrap em up, and then wrap the burrito tightly in serrand wrap..
  13. Now put 4-6 burritos in each freezer bag..
  14. Put them in the freezer and eat them whenever you want with a dollup of sour cream on top..
  15. Now enjoy those ones you set aside!.

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