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How To Make Mexican Breakfast Burrito Super Fast

The Recipe For Making Mexican Breakfast Burrito.

Mexican Breakfast Burrito You can make Mexican Breakfast Burrito using 12 ingredients in 4 quick steps. The following is an easy way to make it.

Ingredients Required To Make Mexican Breakfast Burrito

  1. Fill 16 oz. of Lean Ground Beef.
  2. Mix 1 Tbs. of Grated Lime Peel.
  3. Insert of Juice of 1 Lime.
  4. Mix 2 tsp. of Taco Seasoning.
  5. Insert 1 1/2 C. of Onion, chopped.
  6. Insert 3 of Tomatoes, deseeded & diced.
  7. Prepare 2 of Green Bell Pepper, diced.
  8. Insert 2 Cups of Canned Corn, drained.
  9. Insert 24 of Egg Whites.
  10. Insert 12 of Whole Wheat Tortillas.
  11. Mix 12 Tbs. of Salsa.
  12. Add 12 Tbs. of Fat-Free Shredded Cheddar.

Quick Step To Make Mexican Breakfast Burrito

  1. In a skillet, over medium heat, cook beef, lime peel, lime juice and taco seasoning together. Once beef is cooked through, drain. Place in a bowl and set aside..
  2. In skillet, over medium heat, cook onion and green pepper. Once veggies are tender, add corn and tomato. After about 6-8 minutes add beef mixture to skillet. Mix and cook until beef is heated through..
  3. While beef mixture is heating through with veggies, take another skillet and heat over medium heat. Add egg whites and scramble them..
  4. Lay out tortillas, on top each tortilla, place some of the eggs white. Then divide the beef & veggie mixture among each tortilla. Top each with 1 Tbs. salsa and then 1 Tbs. cheese..

That's how to make Mexican Breakfast Burrito Recipe.